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There go that man...Who is he???
This page was last updated: July 8, 2015
What are the three most interesting things about me?

1. I have been to all of the states except North and South Dakota, Rhode Island, Hawaii and Washington

2. I am a triple threat artist...I wont tell you what the threats are...just know that they are there.

3. I am a family man... and my family extends to my friends as I treat them as such.

I am currently an Assistant Professor of Drama at Spelman College in Atlanta, GA. Atlanta has been the perfect move for me professionally as I have worked more here in Film and TV in two short years than I did in New York and LA combined in all the years I spent in both. 

I hail from Los Angeles, California. Being a native Los Angeleno I wanted to see what this amazing country had to offer. In all I have been to 45 of the 50 states. My first stop was Fresno State University where I first discovered the stage and where several instructors noticed my potential and flare for the dramatic. Upon graduation I was encouraged to continue my training in graduate school, obtaining a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Illinois.After graduation I migrated eastward having stints in towns like St. Louis, Richmond, VA, Washington, DC and teaching at Lock Haven University as an Assistant Professor of Theatre. All of these places were mere pit stops to the city that was calling me...NEW YORK CITY. 

The day I arrived in city I beat the streets. I decided to map out agents offices and drop off my headshot and resume and possibly get some on the spot meet and greets. This was a terrific way to acclimate myself to the city...hoofing it and not taking the train or buses. Following in the foot steps of so many artist before me. I spent the next five years in New York and was out of town for six months every year touring and/or working in regional theatre.

In 2007, after 16 years, I​​ relocated to Los Angeles and instantly began chalking up credits and making my mark in theatre, TV, Films (independent and studio), and webseries/emerging media. Like in New York after arriving in Los Angeles I aligned myself with artists of like minds, people I love to call friends and collaborate with . 

I am a firm believer that every opportunity to work is an opportunity to expand. If it is a staged reading, a full production or a film I am an artist that takes every moment to be present and treat each person around me with the respect that artist deserves. At the end of the day we are all in it to change the world and peoples perceptions...